Thursday 1st March: Professor Cheng Tao, Spatial-temporal Analysis on City Crimes

Posted on February 26, 2018

Our next Science of Cities seminar will be on Thursday 1st March, at 4pm in room R0.03/4 Ramphal Building. We will be joined by Professor Cheng Tao from University College London, who will be discussing the topic of Cities as Complex Systems, applied to spatial-temporal analysis on city crimes. I also attach a link to some background reading, which may help you get more out of the talk (see end of email).

Tea, coffee and cake will be provided.

All are welcome to attend. 

Title: Spatial-temporal Analysis on City Crimes. 

Speaker: Professor Cheng Tao, University College London

Details: Thursday 1st March 2018, 4pm, room R0.03/4, Ramphal Building


Cities are complex systems. The lecture will discuss how to visualise the real-time crime data both spatially and temporally, for complexity social science research, and how to explore the corresponding crime patterns to shed light on policy making.

About the Speaker:

Tao Cheng is a Professor in GeoInformatics at UCL whose research interests span network complexity, Geocomputation, space-time analytics and Big data mining (modelling, prediction, clustering, visualisation and simulation) with applications in transport, crime, health, social media, and natural hazards. She has published over 180 refereed papers, and secured research grants over £11 million in the UK, EU and China. She has worked with many industrial partners including Transport for London, the London Metropolitan Police and Arup. 

Prof Cheng is the founder and Director of SpaceTimeLab for Big Data Analytics (, a multi-disciplinary research centre at UCL that aims to gain insight from geo-located and time-stamped data to enhance urban resilience and sustainability through engagement with government, public and industry. SpaceTimeLab focuses on developing theories, methods and tools for use in the real world such as transport and mobility, intelligent policing, business intelligence and hazards prevention.

Background Reading: 

Cheng, T., Bowers, Longley, Shawe-Taylor, Trevor, A., Davies, . . . skarlatidou, A. (2016). CPC: Crime, Policing and Citizenship - Intelligent Policing and Big Data. UCL SpaceTimeLab.

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