CDT Student Attends GSA2017 in Washington State

Posted on January 23, 2018

Katherine Harris says she was “thrilled to attend the Geological Society of America’s Annual Conference (GSA2017) held in Seattle at the Washington State Centre”, at the start of the second year of her PhD.  Her work was presented in the topical session on Intersections of Sustainability and Geosciences, and received interest from many conference attendees. Comments and suggestions on how to further her work were gratefully received and allowed her to develop her work on case studies with a broader international outlook. She says “Whilst in attendance, I found that several of the talks made indirect references to geo-resource utilisation in urban environments, for example through the management of urban waters. This re-affirmed my research aims, and demonstrated the exceptional opportunity to create an applied geo-scientific technique for building resilience in cities.”

Words by Katherine Harris and Vikki Houlden.




This activity, through the Centre for Doctoral Training in Urban Science and Progress, Warwick Institute for the Science of Cities is supported by a UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) grant number: EP/L016400/1

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