WISC student presents work at IEEE VIS

Posted on October 28, 2019

Nicole Hengesbach attended the annual IEEE VIS conference in Vancouver. She took part in the second CityVis workshop on urban data visualisation that had a focus on the role of citizens this year. During the workshop she presented her ongoing work on crowdsourced air quality sensor data and their visualisation. Over the course of the conference she also presented a poster on her work.

The workshop brought together researchers and local data practitioners from the Vancouver area. After presentations and lightning talks, the participants engaged in interactive work in which the participants collated and discussed current challenges and objectives focussing on data literacy, data governance, visualisation as a medium and citizen engagement.

In the presented work, Nicole discusses the necessity to visualise limitations in urban data such as friction, gaps and situatedness. She argues that we need to address these challenges to enable representations of contextual information/data around urban data sets, with the aim of supporting a better understanding of the displayed data. 

Find the extended abstract here.

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