WISC student presents work in Rotterdam

Posted on September 30, 2019

Nicole Hengesbach presented her work at the Beyond Smart Cities Today symposium in Rotterdam. The symposium brought together a range of (interdisciplinary) critical scholars, practitioners, designers and civil servants around the realms of urban data. During this two-day symposium topical work has been presented that engages with affordances and constraints around analyses, discussions and critiques engaging with smart cities and urban data. Keynote presentations by (among others) Bianca Wylie, Rob Kitchin, Ayona Datta, Maria Kaika, Alberto Vanolo and Michiel de Lange addressed topics around urban futures, participation and sovereignty in smart cities, and issues and opportunities of tech uses in urban spaces.

Nicole presented her ongoing work on data practices and data visualisation and how data practices can be investigated and analysed to understand how data come into existence and which limitations might derive from social and local contexts of data production. She argues that we need to consider the contexts of data production to make sense of data.

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