WISC students attend mini-conference at CUSP London

Posted on December 5, 2018

October saw the first mini-conference between CUSP London and WISC as PhD students from both King's College London and Warwick came together to present their work.  The primary aim was to allow students to share their ideas in an informal, collaborative and interdisciplinary setting.  The conference also gave attendees as valuable opportunity to network and establish contacts that will be beneficial for their future research.

PhD students in the middle of their research gave presentations ranging from urban mobility to using mobile phones to better understand mental health.  These longer talks were supplemented by first-year PhD students who gave short presentations on their initial research ideas.  Topics included energy use modelling in cities, network theory and complexity in cities, and the concept of intelligent spaces and their effect on urban issues.  These topics demonstrate the ongoing interdisciplinary nature of the work undertaken by WISC students.

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