WISC Students Invited to Present at Wuhan University, China

Posted on January 9, 2018

Three PhD candidates studying as part of WISC's CDT in Urban Science have been invited to go on a fully funded trip to Wuhan, China to present their work at the 1st LIESMAR PhD Symposium on Geoinformatics. Henry Crosby, Vikki Houlden and Shanaka Perera travelled to China, presenting their work on spatial machine learning in real estate and spatial methods to identify the the effect of green space on mental wellbeing in urban environments. Their work, described by the organisers of the event as ''colorful and interesting" has been received very well. Student, Henry Crosby comments 'this opportunity has been a fantastic chance to showcase my work among like minded PhD's and professors in my field of research', he also states that 'the feedback from this event has been invaluable and shall contribute to the success of my thesis which I will be writing up in 2018'. Shanaka Perera, a first year student in WISC who also presented at the event says "it was a brilliant opportunity to celebrate the completion of my first month in my PhD training with invaluable experience which will, for sure, heavily shape the future of my PhD contribution". The students have made a number of contacts and shall be returning on the 4th December 2017 to share their experiences with the colleagues in WISC.

Henry Crosby, presenting his research.


Shanaka Perera, presenting his research.


Left to right: students Vikki Houlden, Shanaka Perera, and Henry Crosby


WISC Student wins "Best Interdisciplinary Paper" at PhD Symposium


Whilst presenting her work at the 1st LIESMAR PhD Symposium on Geoinformatics in Wuhan in China, PhD student,  Vikki Houlden was awarded "best Interdisciplinary paper". This award was presented by distinguished professor Chen Ruizhi along with a cash prize and a recommendation for full journal submission into Geo-Spatial Information Science. Vikki says, "the chance to present my research to such a range of students at an international event has been fantastic. I'm proud (and a little overwhelmed) that my work has been recognised in this way; this workshop has been an amazing opportunity to make connections and receive such constructive feedback ". 

Vikki Houlden, centre, receiving her Best Interdisciplinary Presentation Award.


Words by Henry Crosby. Photographs by Henry Crosby, Shanaka Perera and Vikki Houlden.




This activity, through the Centre for Doctoral Training in Urban Science and Progress, Warwick Institute for the Science of Cities is supported by a UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) grant number: EP/L016400/1

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