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Rob Procter

Rob Procter is Professor of Social Informatics and Deputy Head (Research) in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Warwick.

Rob Procter

His research interests lie in the study of the uses individuals and organisations make of distributed digital systems. His work in the past 10 years has focused on the development of computational research infrastructure, tools and methods for analysing ‘big data’, most recently in relation to social media.

Rob led a multidisciplinary team to work with the Guardian/LSE on the Reading the Riots project, which analysed tweets sent during the August 2011 UK riots, with a particular emphasis on the examination of social media and the propagation of rumours. His ongoing research on social media analytics includes the development of a scalable social media analytics platform as part of the JISC and ESRC supported Collaborative Online Social Media Observatory (COSMOS), computer-based tools for determining the veracity of rumours in social media (www.pheme.eu), a studies of ‘hate speech’ and ‘digital wildfires’ in social media (http://www.digitalwildfire.org/), social media and urban governance and the use of social media to build statistical models of social phenomena such as crime.

Rob is widely published in this field. His publications include Innovations in Digital Research Methods (2015), Tweeting the terror: modelling the social media reaction to the Woolwich terrorist attack (2014) and Reading the riots on Twitter: methodological innovation for the analysis of big data. Rob is editor of the Journal of Health Informatics and a member of the advisory board of Big Data and Society, and the editorial boards of the Enterprise Information Management Journal and the International Journal of Distributed Systems and Technologies.