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Corinne Muir

Corinne graduated from the University of Leeds in 2000 with a BSc Hons in Environmental Science. Since then, she has worked as a Park Ranger in various UK cities, and as an Environmental Education Advisor in Thailand. As part of her first year CDT training, she undertook an MSc in Urban Informatics and Analytics, with the University of Warwick's Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies (CIM). She continues to work with her supervisor in CIM, her research interests including the effects of changing parks management practices on biodiversity, the functions of urban parks, and the evaluation of the quality of urban greenspace. 

Alignment with EPSRC research areas: Built Environment; Sustainable Land Management; Water Engineering. 

For more information in Corinne's research, please see her online portfolio.

Poster describing Corinne's research.