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The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) has recently announced £3.75M in funding for a new Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Urban Science. This CDT will educate scientists in methods to harvest and process big data in order to develop a better understanding of the science of cities, and train them to apply that knowledge to find smarter solutions to urban problems.

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Innovative research programme

This is a new and innovative type of doctoral training programme:

  • It makes use of multi-institutional collaboration on an international scale;
  • It promotes an international student experience – students will work alongside a larger student cohort from New York University, City University New York, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Toronto and IIT Mumbai;
  • It allows students unprecedented access, both in the UK and overseas, to city operations, to utilize existing and newly emerging data streams, and to explore and deploy novel urban sensors in order to model world cities as systems of living networks;
  • It enables UK students to work alongside industry luminaries, leaders in public service and citizens, to understand, measure and improve urban systems;
  • It promises to train 50+ PhDs who have received discipline-defining training from six world-class institutions.

“Students will conduct applied research and development in this growing and vital area and graduate with all the skills, both technical and complementary, to make immediate impact and thus would gain a flying start to their careers.”


Contacts, collaboration and experience

The centre for doctoral training involves partnership with a number of world cities, including Birmingham, London, New York, Mumbai, Toronto and Singapore. Several industry partners are also backing the centre, including IBM, Microsoft, AT&T, ATOS, British Geological Survey, UK Transport Research Laboratory and Jaguar Land Rover.

“The CDT will provide EPSRC-funded PhD students with an unprecedented opportunity to work with industry experts and alongside our city officials on real-world urban science problems. Seldom has the opportunity arisen to develop scientific solutions that will have direct impact on billions of the world’s population.”

Deputy Mayor, New York City


PhD opportunities are available for full and part-time students. Competitive scholarships are available and we welcome enquiries from EU and international students, and those that are government, industry or self-funded. The application process takes about four weeks and involves a face to face or informal telephone interview as part of the selection process.